The 4N6 Research Group

The 4(for)N(en)6(sics) research group was founded by its director, Prof. Saman A. Zonouz, in 2011, in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Miami.

Open Ph.D. positions: 4N6 is currently looking for Ph.D. applicants

In the  media:
4N6 The 4N6 research group conducts research in the design and validation of trustworthy and secure networked systems. Such systems often have requirements for high security and privacy, such as confidentiality, integrity and availability, and these goals may contradict one another. By providing a unified method to validate those criteria during the entire design process, the group develops and applies sound theoretical and engineering principles to trustworthy real-world system design.

Almost all of the 4N6 research projects are in collaboration with our industrial and research laboratory collaborators, e.g., IBM Research, Fortinet Corporation, PowerWorld Corporation, Google, and ATT Research Labs.
4N6 Our research projects are and have been supported by the Office of Naval Research, National Science Foundation, Department of Energy (Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy - ARPAE), Fortinet Corporation, and the University of Miami. In particular, the current 4N6 research projects are on 1) automated intrusion detection forensics and response capabilities; 2) trustworthy power grid critical infrastructures; 3) secure cloud-based computations; 4) smartphone security and privacy; 5) malware analysis; 6) host-based intrusion root-cause analysis; and 7) sociotechnical system security.
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