Volcano Vape 101 Tutorial

The volcano vape is often described as the Rolls Royce of vaporizers. Many people who aren’t familiar with how the product works can be intimidated by it because it looks so different from the usual vaping tool. The truth is that the volcano vape is fairly easy to use. In this article we’ll be explaining the volcano vape 101 tutorial and giving you a few reasons why you should start vaping. Using the volcano vape is a lot easier than it seems one you have the hang of the basics of the machine.

The first thing to understand about the volcano vape is the way it’s designed. Unlike other vaping tools like e-cigs that have a mouthpiece attached to it and uses e-juice, the volcano vape can’t be used to draw vapors from it directly with your mouth. Instead, you insert your herbs into the chamber, turn it on, and attach a balloon over the nozzle at the top. Once the balloon is filled, you turn of the vaporizer, remove the balloon and attach the provided mouth piece to it. You then inhale the vapor from this balloon. Simple enough right? Here are a few reasons why you should consider vaping.

1.   No more unpleasant smells!

No more cigarette smell in the environment or on the clothes. When you use the electric cigarettes you do not have the breath of a smoker since what you are smoking is water vapor that does not contain any smell.

2.   Smoke wherever you want and when you want!

The electric cigarette allows you to smoke wherever you are, that means you can have your nicotine dose even in those places where smoking is not allowed. With the Electric Cigarette you can smoke at work, at restaurants, bars, at the airport, etc … without having to isolate yourself from the people around you and having to go to demarcated areas for smokers.

3.   Improve your health

Experience an improvement in your health without all the toxins, chemicals and other poisons contained in conventional cigarettes. Your body will notice the difference, you will see. Users of electric cigarettes tell how to make the change feel better, their skin looks better and they can even breathe better.

4.   No More Fire!

volcano vape 101 tutorial

With the electric cigarette you do not use fire. Then we can say that the electric cigarette is safer on this side as well.

5.   Say goodbye to ashtrays and burns

With electric cigarettes you do not have to worry about where to deposit your ashes and your cigarette butt. No more burns on the carpet, the clothes, the furniture or the interior of your car. Now with these cigarettes you simply smoke and keep it in your pocket.

6.   Improve Your Self-Esteem

As an extra … your breath! No one will turn away and tell you that you have a cigarette breath. Now you look better and you feel better. Congratulations, you made a very good choice.