Rules to Follow When Hiring a Writer

If you are thinking about hiring a writer to help you with either your online marketing or academic essay writing there are some rules you should follow to avoid making a costly error. The first thing to be aware of when sourcing for content is that affordable and cheap are not the same.

Understanding the Difference Between Cheap and Affordable

When sourcing for a writer to work on an essay you would want to find an affordable essay writer who has a background in academic writing and familiarity with your topic. While you may come across writers who would quote you a lower price they lack the expertise and sophistication needed to write the essay at the level you would require. The difference between a cheap essay writer and an affordable essay writer could be difference between passing and failing!

This rule of thumb for finding a suitable academic writer also holds true for hiring a writer for your online marketing business. If the content is mostly “fluff” readers will not find benefit in it and stop coming to your website so it is vital to find the best writers that meet your needs.

Best Way to Assess Prospective Writers

While each writing project is unique there are a few common qualities that you should look for when trying to determine whether the prospective writer is going to match your needs.

·    Is the writer capable of following instructions? This may seem like a sarcastic question but it is a legitimate one. Some potentially great writers limit their success because they are not willing to follow the instructions of their clients. If a client wants the content to be presented in a particular fashion, the writer should acquiesce to the request of their client since they are the one paying for it. The writer is within their rights to refuse to write about controversial topics, but aside from morally questionable topics the writer should be willing to adapt to the needs of his/her client. If, after speaking with the writer, you realize they are not able to adapt to your needs then it would not be smart to hire them.

·    Does the writer meet their deadlines? While things happen that could impact a writer’s ability to meet a deadline i.e. natural disaster you should give preference to writers that are able to meet their deadlines on a consistent basis. If they cannot then you should cut them from your list of prospects. There is no sense hiring a writer who cannot meet your deadlines.

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·    Does the writer charge a fair price for their services. Keep in mind a writer in North America would need to charge more than a writer in developing countries due to the cost of living. While the price varies your focus should always be on quality.

These rules will help you identify the writer/s best suited for your needs but you will need to perform your own due diligence before hiring any of them.