Steps to Take When Sourcing for Foundation Repair in Toronto

If you own property in the GTA it would be wise to check the condition of your foundation from time to time. While a foundation is designed to last for decades there are things that can reduce the life expectancy of the foundation so it would be smart to check on it often. If you are not familiar with what to look for you could reach out to a contractor that specializes in foundation repair to conduct an annual inspection. The contractor will be able to determine whether your foundation is in a good state of repair or if it requires any remedial work.

Potential Causes of Concern

There are a few areas that could be potential causes of concern when dealing with a foundation.

·    Serious cracks forming along the wall. While some cracking is common given the nature of concrete, if the crack is pronounced or travels the entire length of the foundation then that is a cause of concern that requires immediate attention.

·    Moisture on the concrete wall. If you notice moisture on the wall then that is a sign your foundation has a significant issue that requires immediate attention. The foundation should keep moisture out so if the wall feels wet or you can see water forming on the wall it would be wise to have it checked by an experience in foundation repairs.

Securing the Most Cost-Effective Foundation Repair Service

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In order to secure the most cost-effective foundation repair Toronto has available in the GTA you need to focus on contractors that work exclusively on foundations. A general contractor may be able to do some foundation work but they lack the experience of a contractor that works solely on foundation repair jobs. With that sentiment in mind you should identify the foundation repair contractors that are clearly the most experienced. After you have established who these contractors are you can then proceed to getting proposals from them.

Elements of a Foundation Repair Quote

The first thing the contractor will do is give you a free quote on the anticipated costs to repair the foundation. This is an estimate since the costs may be higher if the contractor discovers there were additional problems. Along with the estimate you also need to find out whether the contractor will give you a warranty on the repair work they are doing. Without a warranty you have no protection if the repair job was unsuccessful so it would be wise to insist on having a warranty in writing.

After the contractor has performed the repair work it would be wise to have the foundation inspected on a moving forward basis. Using the adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” by having the foundation inspected on a regular basis the odds of having to pay for a costly repair is greatly mitigated.